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Ma Janey Gau ko Bato Nepali Christian Song Chords And Lyrics

The way to go to the village,It's so sweet,I live in the street,It is darker that darkness is,But I know my hair,An apple is a pleasure,But I know my hair,Light is light,Own language and own language,This song of worship is worshiped,Own selly own own cultures,The same boss,Neither is death,There is no show there,It's all rich in ,eternity,My Guinea-terrain's circumstance,Is holy,I have to go there
My father to visit my cow,many times made the house above the sand,Ticken no longer for ever,I'll make my house now,Where is Yasu rock?,My gown is the water of ,the tomb,It does not seem like ever,She knows me,My father will not forget me sometimes,She knows me,Peace is a pleasure,She knows me,Lightning is light

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